Once upon a time
there was a clown intensive training
a month of poetic laughter
in the warm Spring
of the fair Padua, nursery of arts

Twelve poetic knights
were ready to fly here
from North South East and West
from Norway Italy Turkey and Germany
from Finland Denmark Canada Mexico and the USA

All was ready when a thirteenth host stepped in
they had a crown of spikes
 they were many
and they were everywhere

 Tiny tricksters who put the world upside down
and turned all shows into silence
 throughout our sweet planet Earth

They brought fear and isolation
struggle death and desperation
they triggered care and courage
support resiliance and cooperation

and they taught us to ask the good questions
on how to make our world a better place
and how to love more the miracle of being alive
with Nature and with each other

We did not move the training online
we moved it into the dreamworld
and we had a beautiful memorable time
longing for each other
and cultivating fierce presence
and untamed desire

We will try again to embody this training
in the Fall of 2020
always in the fair Padova
and we will be so happy to be together again
in social closeness
and collective joy

Be well
be safe
be brilliant

we will all be back

Giovanni Fusetti