The Pedagogy of the Poetic Body

A dialogue between Suzy Willson and Giovanni Fusetti (2000)

Published in the volume “The Paris Jigsaw: Internationalism and the city’s stages“. Edited by David Bradby & Maria M. Delgado. Manchester University Press, February 2002.

The Art of Clowning: on the use of clown in the world
Giovanni Fusetti, interviewed by Matty Miller, 2006.

The Paradox of Physical Theatre
Unpublished article (2007)

Old Growth Florence
Published on Adbusters, Issue 117, 2015

Commedia dell’Arte and Comedie Humaine

Published in: Evans, Mark and Kemp, Rick (editors). The Routledge companion to Jacques Lecoq. Routledge, London, 2016


Il Clown nella Pedagogia Teatrale
Giovanni Fusetti racconta il ruolo del Clown nella sua pedagogia teatrale
Articolo apparso sulla rivista del Piccolo Teatro Sperimentale della Versilia

Una Intervista sulla Maschera Neutra
Pubblicata sulla rivista del Piccolo Teatro Sperimentale della Versilia


Au Commencement était le Clown
Memoire de fin de Formation. Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt , Paris, 1999.

Le Tao du Clown
Generation Tao, N° 41, Juillet 2006

L’ecologie de l’espace théatrale