April 1 → 2, 2023
Philadelphia, USA

with the collaboration of
Pig Iron School


Joan Miró: Woman and bird at night (1947)

Forms are Masks
Masks are Forms

Figures emerging from the background

Gestures, characters, rhythms…
exercises, classes, dramatic territories…
they are all patterns

of the Poetic Body

Pedagogy is the Art of Teaching
Teaching is the Art of giving feedback

The essence of feedback is in recognizing patterns
and bringing them to awareness

The art of describing forms as they manifest

Rigorous, empathic and poetic phenomenology

Nature Patterns, Giovanni Fusetti, 2018-2022

Welcome to a PEDAGOGIC SEMINAR dedicated to the art and practice of Supervision.

The process of Supervision happens when a practitioner of a particular discipline or art, meets with a elder of the practice, in order to reflect on the work and have a perspective and a feedback from someone more experienced. Typically the “client” brings to the supervision session a case from their practice, in which they encounter a particular challenge. It can be a difficult student or group, a recurrent pedagogic hot-spot in which the teacher finds their practice not effective or frustrating, or a theoretical question around some aspects of the work. The supervisor’s task will be to highlight the various dimensions of the challenge (pedagogical, technical, emotional, theoretical, …) and support the practitioner to clarify their experience, and create new ways to face that challenge. Supervision can also involve giving feedback to the design of a pedagogic project. Supervision can happen in individual sessions or in groups.

This group session will include different ingredients:

  • Case studies
  • Theoretical and practical review of classes or exercises
  • Consulting on the Pedagogic design of classes and projects
  • Lectures on pedagogic theory
  • Sharing of pedagogic experiences of the participants
  • Discussion on the questions from the participants
  • Exploration of the emotional life of the pedagogic process: working on the teacher’s hotspots

A WORKSHOP is essentially a practical exploration of an art. The focus is on the active experiential practice, with very little theory, always related to the unfolding of the exercises.

In a SEMINAR the practice is integrated with a strong focus on the THEORY that stands behind it. This creates a space of reflection and intellectual elaboration: a field of discussion, analysis, examples, questions and synthesis. It gives food for the mind, references, history of ideas, articulation of principles. And a space to unfold the emotional dimension of the process.


This workshop is only open to theatre practitioners with previous experiences in the Pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq, and who are actively teaching.

The training will take place at
Pig Iron Studios
1417 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA

Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2: from 9:30 to 6:00pm, with one hour lunch break.

There is no application form. To apply to the workshop, please email a letter of motivation to In your letter please share a few words on your pedagogic practice as well as your experience with movement-based theatre.
Giovanni will contact you after receiving the application. Places will be given in order of email submission.
Once accepted, you will need to confirm your enrollment with a deposit of $100.
The maximum number of participants is 16.

Giovanni Fusetti being supervised by a penguin.


Early Bird Registration: $300
If full tuition is paid by March 10, 2023.

Full Price: $ 360.
If full tuition is paid after March 10, 2023.

For those interested in applying to both seminars, there is a reduction of the cumulative tuition to the following rates.
Early Bird Registration: $500
If full tuition is paid by March 10, 2023.
Full Tuition: $ 600
If full tuition is paid after March 10, 2023.

Alumni of Pig Iron School
will benefit of a 30% discount.

Please note that tuition does not include accommodation and that participants will be responsible for organizing their staying in Philadelphia.


Before the beginning of the workshop the participants will receive a message outlining all practical details about the workshop.

For further information about the content of the workshop
and for APPLICATIONS, please contact Giovanni Fusetti at


The training will happen in the rigorous respect of the National and State anti-Covid regulations.
All participants will have to agree in engaging with these rules. On the first day of the class, all participants will have to present a COVID negative test (Rapid Test or PCR), taken in the 24 hours before the start.