December 10th → 11th , 2022

MELBOURNE, Australia


A Pedagogic Seminar
exploring and processing the impact of the pandemic
on our Poetic Body
and on the Teaching Field

The Plague Doctor, Paul Fürst, 1656  (coloured version)

The field of live arts and education was hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, our work of physical theatre teachers and practitioners has been forced into a suspended time and space that has lasted for many months.
The lockdown periods have made the work nearly impossible. The daily reality of face masks, social distancing and the fear of contact and contagion have turned any live interaction into a potential danger. Many classes, workshops and training programs just vanished. Others had the only option of moving online – in the attempt to survive.

Now that the pandemic tide is receding and we are getting back to our practices, we are realizing that something in the world has changed. A lot has been lost, and the grief for this loss is a deep and painful experience that we all share. This pandemic has provoked massive transformations in the practice of live theatre, pedagogy and in education. Some of these transformations are here to stay.
But it has also brought radical realization around what is really important and what values need to be protected in times of crisis;  why live art and theatre matter.

This is a highly experiential seminar, a pedagogic creation that offers a gathering space and time for physical theatre teachers/ practitioners to regroup, reflect, recover. To play and laugh and feel and cry and curse and swear and howl and play more. A healing gathering for wounded teachers and hungry playful humans.
The seminar will combine theoretical conversations with some practical exercises, tapping into the wisdom of physical theatre. A collective attempt to under-stand and process the shock that the pandemic has brought to our physical, emotional and poetic body.
Participants will be welcomed to share their experiences as teachers trying to survive during the pandemic, sharing their insights and discoveries, their creativity, their resilience, their successes and their despair in the attempts to keep practicing in such challenging times.
Play will be our guide.

Helikos School 2013


A WORKSHOP is essentially a practical exploration of an art. The focus is on the active experiential practice, with very little theory, always related to the unfolding of the exercises.

In a SEMINAR the practice is integrated with a strong focus on the THEORY that stands behind it. This creates a space of reflection and intellectual elaboration: a field of discussion, analysis, examples, questions and synthesis. It gives food for the mind, references, history of ideas, articulation of principles. And a space to unfold the emotional dimension of the process.

This seminar will include different ingredients:

– Practical exercises
– Pedagogic analysis of exercises
– Lectures on pedagogic theory
– Sharing of pedagogic experiences of the participants
– Discussion on the questions from the participants
– Exploration of the emotional life of the pedagogic process

Movement Practice on Zoom…yes or no ? Maybe… only if…


Here are some of the themes that will be addressed

– The loss of physical contact and the loss of the body.
– Contact and contagion: when fear is in the field.
Embodiment deficit disorder: anxiety, depression, addiction, euphoria and other pandemic states for teachers and students.
– The migration online: what can be taught, what can’t be taught, what should not be taught.
– The Virtual Physical: an option or a big cheat?
– Budgets, finances, survival and the market of surrogate pedagogy.
– The pedagogic survival and the difficult and precious art of dying.
– Death as a Trickster.
– The Teacher as a Trickster.

Death and The Fool (1839) by Hieronymus Hesse. A reproduction from the Dance of Death in Basel painted in the 14th century.


– Play, play play: games for post pandemic players.
– The pandemic field as a state of alert.
– Theatre as a ritual of collective ecstasy: the return of the chorus.
– Flocking as collective trance.
– Excitation, expression, impression and repression: the somatic of emotional life
– The staging of the pandemic: social distancing, face masks, lockdown, remote learning, online teaching, as seen by Clowns, Bouffons, Grotesque Characters, Melodramatic Lovers or Tragic Heros
– Theatrical territories that can hold the intensity of the pandemic experience: the virus as a Bouffons, the Virus as a Grotesque Character, The Virus as a Clown.
– States of play, states of consciousness and states of awareness.


This seminar is for to theatre teachers and practitioners who have previous experience/training with Giovanni Fusetti.

The training will take place in at Snuff Puppets, Drill Hall, 395 Barkly St, Footscray VIC 3011

The workshop is an intensive 2-day Masterclass with the following schedule:
Saturday December from 9:30 to 6:00
Sunday December from 9:30 to 6:00

La Danse Macabre

To apply please email a letter of motivation
Please include in your letter one question you would like to be addressed during the seminar.
Giovanni will contact you after receiving the application.
Places will be given in order of email submission.

Please send your application to

This seminar is both a training of practitioners, and a gathering of researchers, reflecting together around a crucial event of our times.
The tuition is on a sliding scale of AUD 100 to AUD 300.
This fee will go entirely into funding Giovanni’s work at the development of the HELIKOS SCHOOL and the setting up of its new program.

The seminar will be confirmed as soon as it reaches 10 participants. Once 30 participants will be confirmed, the seminar is full and a waiting list will be created.
If you intend to participate we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

APPLICATION DEADLINE : November 15th, 2022

If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants before Nov 15th, the seminar will be cancelled and all paid tuition will be refunded.

The workshop will be taught in ENGLISH and a basic understanding of this language is required.


For further information about the content of the workshop
and for APPLICATIONS, please contact Giovanni Fusetti at

For enrolment and practical enquiries please contact


Tel: 04 68664466


The training will happen in the rigorous respect of the National and Regional anti-Covid regulations.
All participants will have to agree in engaging with these rules. On the first day of the class, all participants will have to present a COVID negative test (Rapid Test or PCR), taken in the 48hours before the start.